The unexpected pivot

It’s only August, but already I’m dreading the start of a new year. Why? Because every single year, I hear someone say, “This year will be better than the last!”

Will it though?

Unless you’ve had the absolute worst year of your life (so very sorry if that’s the case), every year something bad happens. 

Every year, we all go through trials and tribulations that shake us to our core and sometimes even make us want to escape and start over on January 1. But that’s life, babe.

I can’t remember the last time I had a year where nothing bad happened. Every year, someone passes away, I’ve gone through a bad breakup, been faced with a troubling financial crisis (oh hey, student loans), or in 2019’s case, got let go from a job I loved. 

I’ll be honest, getting let go from my job is probably the hardest obstacle I’d had to face. It’s stressful, heartbreaking, confusing, scary, and financially straining all at once. I’m an Aries and I do not do well with uncertainty. It freaking terrifies me. If someone were to say:

“Justine, you’re going to be fired today, but don’t worry, you’ll find a job doing XYZ withing X amount of time.”

I’d be like

“GREAT! Sucks, but thanks for informing me so I can get a plan together and anticipate my next move!”

But life doesn’t work that way so I’ve been forced to unexpectedly pivot. Did I ugly cry, wallow, and drink way too much red wine with my girlfriends? You betcha!

Then the very next day, I took myself to the beach, applied for 10 jobs, reached out to every contact I had, and secured 7 interviews for the following week. Then, forced myself to go to a Barre 3 class, showered and got dressed, and did laundry (I even freaking folded it while it was still warm from the dryer!). 

As much as I truly am terrified and want to sit on the couch and binge-watch TV, I know for the sake of my own sanity, I need to pivot my life and redirect my path. That job was not the path for me. To be honest, I looked back at my journal and remembered that while I loved my job, I was feeling unappreciated for about 4 months. So clearly, this was the universes way of forcing me to get out of my own way and pursue a career that I want with a company that appreciates me.

But that can’t happen unless I make moves. And I’ll add that every single interview is for a job that’s not in the field I was in, but in the field, I want to be in so this is all happening without much “experience.”

My point of telling you all this is because no matter what you’re grieving– the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, a part of your health– life is going to throw these moments at us where we’re forced to pivot the path we were on and discover something new.

It’s a time for us to really think about what we want and go for it. So if you’re in a moment where you’re forced to pivot and you’re struggling with where to start, try this:

Write down 3 things you’re grateful for. This can literally be the Cheerios you had for breakfast.

Write down 3 things you want. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars here. If you want it, it can be yours.

Write “Wouldn’t it be awesome if __________________?” Examples:  Wouldn’t it be awesome if I met a tall, handsome man who loved and appreciated me for who I am?” “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I made $60,000 per year by the end of 2019?”

Always remember, you’re not going through this alone. We all face these moments in life and sometimes they can lead to the most beautiful places.

– J

P.S. I’ll keep you guys posted on what actually happens to me but right now I am interviewing for my DREAM JOB at my DREAM COMPANY and I am manifesting the sh*t out of this job offer! Stay tuned! 

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