‘How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t’ Review – Week 2

If you have read 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS-Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve, then you are familiar with the work of Andrea Owen.  If you’re not maybe you’re reading this review because the title caught your eye and you’re interested in how to stop feeling like sh*t. I am right there with ya, babe!

Last week I kicked off my review of Andrea Owen’s latest book, How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t: 14 Habits that Are Holding You Back from Happiness.

In this book, Andrea explores the 14 most common habits her clients struggle with and offered a free study group for people who wanted a little extra support while reading through the chapters. Read my review of Chapters 1-4 by clicking here.

On Monday, we kicked off week 2 and Andrea greeted us with an email promising even more fun in the upcoming days. So far, there is one thing I am struggling with. I have an extremely busy week this week and I feel like I am rushing through the chapters to keep pace with the study group. Normally, reading a book in 4 weeks isn’t an issue for me. But, when you are learning tools to implement, it takes a lot more work than just breezing through the text. So I’ll be honest, I am half-assing my way through the tools and plowing through the book. However, I am starting by working on improving my issues with the comparison from chapter 4 (turtle steps, remember?). I can’t change 30 years of bad habits in 4 weeks, so hang with me while I get through the book and I foresee a follow-up blog in the future to catch you up on my progress.

This week, I am going to focus more on the study group vs. each specific chapter. But, these are the chapters that we covered:

CHAPTER 5 –  The Demolition Derby of Your Life: Self-Sabotage

CHAPTER 6 –  Feeling Like a Fraud: The Imposter Complex

CHAPTER 7 –  The Dog and Pony Show: People Pleasing and Approval Seeking

So as I mentioned last week, Andrea is using two platforms to host the study group; Teachable and Facebook. The content in Teachable is the same content that is in her book and in the workbook she provided. So, I have tossed that aside as I cannot actually see a purpose to logging into Teachable. So this week, I made sure to focus on the content she was posting on Facebook.

At the end of Week 1, Andrea posted:

“Saturday night gratitude!!! 🙌🏻 🙏🏻 
I’m sitting here reading through all your posts with such gratitude in my heart for all of YOU! ❤️

My only morning ritual that I believe truly saves my sanity is writing down 3 things I’m grateful for as well as 3 goals. So tell me, what are you grateful for this weekend? (I talk about gratitude in the catastrophizing chapter). 🤓”

I loved that she did this! She actually had a podcast episode that I found about a year ago that talked about starting a gratitude journal. I immediately picked up the perfect little white journal with a gold pineapple and started my own gratitude journal! Every day I write down 3 things I am grateful for and it has dramatically changed my outlook on my life; especially on the hardest days. It was so inspiring reading everyone’s’ comments on what they are grateful for!

Monday morning, she posted the discussion post, where people can comment on questions they have. This is a huge part of the study group and Andrea really put a lot of time and effort into answering questions that people have about the book.

Facebook being Facebook, people comment all kinds of crazy things, memes, random questions, and rants. So Tuesday, her assistant Emily created a post instructing people where to go if they have questions about the group and kindly asking people to back off on the random memes and quotes. Praise you, Emily! In my opinion, this was an excellent way for them to take control of the study group and maintain its purpose.

On Thursday (like last week), Andrea jumped on Facebook live to answer questions from people who posted in the group throughout the week. I gotta tell you, she puts a lot of thought and effort into answering those questions! Of course, she cannot answer them all, so she picks a handful and really focuses on them. So far, both live videos have been over a half hour long, with the option of watching a reply if you cannot view it live.

This week, the questions Andrea answered from readers are: 

:: How do I stand up for myself w/ family? 
:: How do you know when you are receiving valid criticism vs stuff you shouldn’t take personally?
:: Is it normal to get a bit depressed feeling when working so hard on all of this?
:: Where I’m stumped is question 3 in the self-sabotage chapter: what is it that you want? The feelings and experiences you think you’ll get from them?
:: How do I know what’s the imposter complex and what’s actually valid?

When you go through this book, you will learn that you most likely do not need to focus on all 14 of the bad habits. So, there have been some chapters I have skipped and others that I found myself re-reading. My favorite part about the questions that Andrea chooses to answer is that they cover many different topics and chapters to apply to as many readers as possible. She may very well have 50 questions about self-sabotage and only  3 about the imposter complex, but she still answers questions about each chapter.

In her responses, she is very in depth. So even though she cannot answer every single question, her answers are as thorough as they would be if she was doing an entire podcast on the topic.

She also read and responded to questions that readers were asking during the live video. For the sake of the privacy of the study group, I am not going to get into what those specific questions/answers were, but my point is, this format seems to be very well received by the participants and this is a very huge “freebie,” that Andrea offered, simply by purchasing her book!

So if you’re reading this and starting to kick yourself for not joining the study group, just know that Andrea offers FREE and inexpensive tools like this all the time! Listen to her free podcast and follow her on social media for all the scoop; seriously, you won’t regret it!

As for the chapters we focused on this week, Chapter 5 – The Demolition Derby of Your Life: Self Sabbatage and Chapter 7 – The Dog and Pony Show: People Pleasing and Approval Seeking are the two I have resonated with the most. I did a blog post, a few months ago about people pleasing (which was also featured in Thought Catalog), and I was able to learn a lot about my own recovery process through this book. In the next few months, I plan to write more about this topic as I feel it’s something many people struggle with, but they do not even realize that it’s something they struggle with! In terms of self-sabotage, I am usually pretty aware when I am sabotaging my own life (and why). But then, Andrea graciously pointed out that we can unconsciously self-sabotage as well (WHAT!?). So just when I think I have begun to make progress in an area I want to improve, I learn that there is still more work to do!

Since I didn’t completely focus on the content of the book in this week’s post, comment below and let me know if there is something specific you were hoping I would cover. I will gladly answer any questions I can and I would like to hear your thoughts/experiences if you are also participating in Andrea’s study group or reading the book.

Until next week, babe!

XO – J


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