The Snuggle is Real

Raised in Buffalo, NY, I am no stranger to seeing record-breaking snowfall that shuts down an entire city. But, when I moved to Charleston, SC in 2017, I truly thought I was getting away from that tread.

Plot twist! Charleston, SC received 5.3″ of snow!

I’ll admit, when I saw snow in the forecast, I figured it would be a cold day and I’d probably have to scrape some ice off my car. I’ve done it here before. Then when businesses started closing, I figured the roads would be icy and it’s better to keep people home and safe.

So I danced around my living room with joy as I had a snow day! I was going to be put away the holiday decorations, clean, diffuse some EO, do some yoga, and have a great personal day! I kept the news on and sat with my boyfriend and dog glued to the TV. The meteorologists seemed overjoyed that for a change, their forecast was spot on. Snow was coming!

At first, I scooped up some snow and made a little snowball to post on social media. I wanted to make sure to get a picture before it all melted. It was kind of cute, right?


Then, I got on with my day. I diffused those delicious smelling EO, I put away all the decorations, and I deep-cleaned the main living areas. But the snow didn’t stop coming! It quickly went from little-frozen balls of imposter-looking snow to real northeastern snow! The white, fluffy, Charlie Brown type snowflakes you can catch on your tongue!

Plus, it’s January and everyone knows January snowflakes are the best to eat.

Within 3 hours, we were looking at 6″ of snow where I live, slightly north of the city of Charleston. Of course, if I still lived in Buffalo, I would be complaining and writing a blog post about the beach. But here, this was really something to see! The best part of this storm is the lowcountry got very lucky. Some people, unfortunately, lost power, but not nearly as many as it could have been. The ice and snow could have caused an extraordinary amount of damage. But for the most part, everyone got outside to enjoy it! The newscasters were having fun as some of them have never even seen snow before. Our neighbors tied boogie boards to the backs of trucks and dogs were either overjoyed or looking it the frozen ground in confusion. Love it or hate it, you have to admit there is something really cool about being a part of history.

Unfortunately, I was wrong about the weather warming up and the snow all melting. We woke up today to the same 6″ of snow gleaming in the Charleston sun. It’ll warm up and be gone in a few days, but for today, it’s only 19 degrees and the snuggle is real!

XO – J

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