Why You Shouldn’t Make a New Years Resolution This Year

How many people actually know the definition of resolution? Without Googling it? Well, a resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. I think it’s safe to say most New Years resolutions end up being soft resolutions. Soft meaning, we’ll give it a try, but we’re not going to make a firm decision to stick to it. Or we’ll stick to it for the month of January and accept disappointing ourselves when we don’t feel like working on that resolution anymore.

Sorry to tell ya sweets, but that’s not actually making a resolution. So instead of half-assing a resolution, try setting obtainable goals throughout the year. Use the months of the year as measure markers to track your progress.

Want to lose 30 lbs? Throw your weight loss resolution in the trash, alongside the Christmas cookies and set obtainable weight loss goals. Set a goal to lose 3 lbs in January. Then another goal to lose 3 lbs in February. Then another 3lbs in March. By the end of the year, not only will you have stuck to your goal, but if you’re consistent, you will actually lose more than 30 lbs if you spread the goal throughout the entire year! Now doesn’t that sound a lose easier than trying (and failing) to lose 30 lbs in January?

Want to move to a new city? Throw away your resolution to move to your dream city and set obtainable goals. Start applying for jobs in January. Start researching places to live in February. Join social networking apps and social media groups in your new city in March. Find a moving company in April. By spreading out your goal throughout the year, you will be sitting pretty on a beach come December and can be proud that you stuck to your goals at the end of 2018.

Too often we make ourselves promises and come December, we make jokes about how we made resolutions that we never stuck to. So stop disappointing yourself by misusing the word “resolution” and make obtainable goals instead. Write down your goals and cross them off as you obtain them! As cheesy as writing down your goals sounds, I promise you, darling, you will be much happier with yourself at the end of the year when you can cross items off that list than make jokes about how you gave up on them.

You can do this! Make 2018 the year you throw away your resolutions and actually make your dreams come true!

XO – J


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