Why Hurricanes Are Better Than Snow

Growing up in Buffalo, every year while standing in 3 feet of snow and battling white-out road conditions, someone was mumbling “at least we don’t have hurricanes!” Well, that line is just something that north-easterners say to make themselves feel better!

In October 2010, Buffalo, NY was riddled by the chaos of an October snow storm. While the snow wasn’t anything Buffalo couldn’t handle, the trees still had leaves on them, which caused trees to fall, knocking down power lines and leaving 40,000 people without power for days, and even weeks. People were literally freezing to death in their homes, no one could shower, and once the snow melted, there was no way to keep food cold.


In November 2014, I left a girls weekend in Charleston, SC and arrived back home just as a few snowflakes started to fall. Within 24 hours, we had approximately 7 feet of snow and homes began to cave in around the south towns. Literally, snow came crashing through windows and roofs of homes and cars.Thirteen people lost their lives during that storm and many homes suffered damaged to roofs, gutters, windows, and basements. ccc2e677633afe571c4873d8419d1433--funniest-memes-funny-memes.jpg

These are just two examples of the multiple storms I experienced throughout my 29 years in Buffalo, NY. In addition to these storms, New Yorkers deal with countless smaller storms, roof, gutter, basement, driveway damage, and salt damage to their cars from October – May every year! Not to mention, having to purchase new boots every year because the road salt will destroy any decent pair of shoes you wear in public. While hurricanes can cause far more extensive damage (such as what the Hart Family experienced in Florida in 2017) than any snowstorm, the chances of those storms devastating places like Charleston, S.C. are minimal.

A 2015 study found that an average of 923 people are killed as a result of snowy weather in the United States per year That figure includes automobile and plane crash deaths due attributed to snow.

In my lifetime, Charleston, S.C. has experienced one hurricane which caused “immense destruction” to the city of Charleston and surrounding counties. Since then, there have been many hurricanes which have brushed the coast and caused wind and flood damage to coastal homes. Such as, my first personal hurricane experience, hurricane Irma in 2017. While Irma was the direct cause of the third highest flood levels in Charleston history, most people made in through the storm unscratched. Evacuation was not mandatory, and most people (myself included) got a 5 day week in anticipation of what might happen.


Again, I am not trying to downplay the significant devastation and destruction  hurricanes have caused. But coming from a girl who moved from Buffalo, N.Y. to Charleston, S.C., I would prefer the hurricane threats and gorgeous weather here over the year-round snowy nonsense up there any day!





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