Yes. Growth is Uncomfortable.

My close family and friends know that I have gone on the absolute best adventures of my life when I was practically dragged into the car and to the airport kicking and screaming. The truth is, sometimes when you are doing something really incredible, it can be scary. That fear doesn’t always go away and sometimes you have to doing things while feeling afraid.

What social media doesn’t know (well, until now), is that I wake up every single day afraid. Will I chicken out and run home? Did I make the right choice? Will my boyfriend and I make it? Will my dog hate me for moving her? What if I am never happy in my career? How will I handle missing family events and watching my nephews grow up? All the unknown answers are what makes the journey terrifying.

But today, with the help of one of my best friends, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone a little further. Since moving away from home, I have tried to challenge myself each day. How did I do that today?

  1. I went to return items at Target and went grocery shopping without using my GPS. I was shockingly successful, by the way!
  2. I walked/jogged the Arthur Ravenel bridge after being on a fitness hiatus for a full month.
  3. I jogged the public bridge in my sports bra. Something I NEVER would have been caught doing in New York.
  4. I pushed myself to be active outside even though it was in the mid 90’s with a heat index over 100, and 85% humidity.
  5. I put my phone in my pocket, enjoyed the scenery, and felt grateful for having the opportunity to live in such a gorgeous place!
  6. I grew a little bit more into a better version of myself


Yes. Growth is uncomfortable. 

I truly hate the heat. But, I am trying to embrace it. Every day I miss my dog and boyfriend so much it physically hurts and sometimes it’s hard to drag myself out of bed. I am living with my friend and her boyfriend and while I couldn’t have been more blessed for such wonderful people opening up their home to me, it’s uncomfortable not having my own stuff and my own space (and my own dog). But, I know I need to be here to challenge myself and so when I do move into my own house, I will appreciate it that much more.

I LOVE living in Charleston. But since I have moved, I have struggled more and cried more than people realize. It’s HARD. Very hard. But it’s the kind of hard that makes me grow into a better, stronger, more grateful person. It’s the hard of hard that makes me feel proud for how much I have been able to accomplish on my own. Stepping out of my comfort zone is not easy for me. But, now that I have learned how to do that, I am going to continue to challenge myself each and every day. One day, I hope to overcome the challenges and use this blog as the only remaining evidence of the uncomfortable feelings I faced each day to achieve my dreams.

XO – J


2 thoughts on “Yes. Growth is Uncomfortable.

  1. Proud of you.I know it’s hard I went through it when I moved here 30 years ago. So I know. What you are feeling.


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