Pineapple Lust

Who the heck is this girl? 

Welcome! My name is Justine E. Mejak aka Cool Justinee and this is my attempt and my first blog that I hope you will find some inspiration. I am a full time higher education professional and student counselor, part time Les Mills Body Flow instructor, part time Brewtender at a small brewery, and now part time blogger! I am also completely in love with the water and nothing makes me happier than spending time at the lake or ocean. I have a lot of interests and this blog is my way of diving into each of my life lusts.

What do I do? 

While working multiple jobs and trying to find time to travel, I also spend a lot of time taking care of my body both physically and mentally. Throughout my posts, I will talk about my struggles with physical health, mental health, and disordered eating. I hope to connect with others who also struggle with these issues and let you know you’re not alone! I’ll talk about what has helped me work through my issues and express my vulnerability when I am struggling.

What is love? 

Another large part of my life is my family; mostly my dog and long-time, live-in boyfriend. I’ll share posts about love lost, love found, and what I find that works in my relationship.

What’s with the pineapples? 

My favorite place in the entire world is Charleston, S.C. right next to the Pineapple fountain. The pineapple represents hospitality and friendship. I have sat next to that fountain more times than I can count throughout my lifetime and the pineapple has come to mean something very personal to me. I always keep the reminder of the message of the pineapple nearby and strive to live a “pineapple life” full of passion, love, lust, hospitality, friendship, and always remaining sweet on the inside.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with topic suggestions, questions, products you would like me to review, or just to say “hello!”

xo – J

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