Justine Mejak

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Northern Yankee born and raised, my icy veins were craving sweet sunshine and saltwater to fuel my creative spirit. After 29 years of visiting my grandparents in Charleston, SC, I took a leap of faith and decided to call the Lowcountry home. The sunny weather, ability to be active outdoors, and short drive to the beach all lit a fire within my soul and for the first time in my life, I discovered who I always desired to be. Moving helped me meet new people, experience new challenges, and embark upon hobbies such as paddleboarding and growing my own veggies and herbs.

As a self-proclaimed writer since adolescence, I have used writing to express myself as well as to inspire and motivate women around the world to be the best version of themselves. My writing is transparent, bold, and educational. I have written for blogs about local events, written for popular websites, such as Thought Catalog, and worked as a freelance editor, editing books, content for language education websites, and professional publications in the higher education sector. Currently, I am a fulltime Multimedia Producer for a local publication here in Charleston.

My passions lie in inspiring, teaching, writing, hand-lettering & calligraphy, editing, proofreading, yoga, and local, organic coffee. My blog, Cool Justine is your source for inspiration about everyday life and love topics, traveling on a budget, do it yourself (DIY),  and Health & Wellness. I hope to add some fun and positivity to your life!

XO – J


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